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Hot Jobs! | Biotech Blog

ECI Biotech Recruiters looking for an Applications Scientist to cover the Midwestern USA.

21 Jan 09 | Filed in Hot Jobs! with 1 Comment

This is not what I refer to as an “A” position, because although the hiring manager is motivated to fill the job, he would have to get approval from upper management to create it. He told me that if he sees the right resume, he would do battle with the powers that be to get it funded, and he believes the company would go along with him on it.

The company is about 5 to 7 years old, about 70 employees, with a growth rate in the 50 to 100% per year range. I would classify them as being one step above a start-up, but there is still that start-up excitement and risk.

Territory would be the Midwest down to Texas, so there would be overnight travel. Candidate would need at least a Masters degree. Also they should know molecular or cellular biology.

If this is of interest to you, please call Bill Beattie at 413-788-2291 or email me at

Please reference position number 09-111.

ECI Biotech Recruiters looking to fill two new applications positions, one in Montreal/Toronto and the other in Seattle.

20 Jan 09 | Filed in Hot Jobs! with 0 Comments

Both positions are similar except for location. The candidates should have experience either as Applications Scientists or strong hands-on lab experience. They also need to be comfortable working with a wide variety of people. PhD preferred and a knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology. For the Canadian position, the person should be bilingual. There will be overnight travel for both positions, probably 40% or more.

The company has an outstanding growth rate so there is excellent career growth potential.

For more information call Bill Beattie at 413-788-2291 or email me at

For the Montreal opening, reference Job # 09-109.

For the Seattle opening, reference Job # 09-110.

I’m doing my best to reduce the unemployment rate.

15 Jan 09 | Filed in Hot Jobs! with 0 Comments

I just received three more jobs from another client company. All three openings are in the Mid-Atlantic area. I have enough now to keep me busy through the end of the first quarter.

The first position is for a senior level inside sales rep. A small part of the job will be answering phones and speaking with customers, but the person will also get involved in order fulfillment and customer service. This is going to be in a newly formed group so the person will report to a Director level person and he or she will be involved in the creation of this group. Company makes equipment and consumables for life science research and it is proteomics oriented. Exceptional opportunity for growth. BS Degree and a few years experience inside sales are required. Reference job # 09-107.

They are also looking for a Customer Service Rep. This is a semi-entry level position. BS degree and 1 or more years experience  coordinating customer orders. Reference job # 09-108.

The third position in this group is for a Trade Show Coordinator. Will make all arrangements for companies presence at trade shows such as shipping booths, arranging travel and hotels for the people going to the show and will supervise the setup and breakdown of booths at the shows so some travel is required. Reference job # 09-109.

For more information, call Bill Beattie at 413-788-2291 or email me at

And the good news just keeps on rollin’ in.

13 Jan 09 | Filed in Hot Jobs! with 0 Comments

I just called a hiring manager that I know from the Mid-Atlantic region at 930AM Eastern Time. Turns out the manager is in California at a company sales meeting and I caught her in her room having room service. Luckily she has a great sense of humor.

She has two openings, one in the Baltimore area and one in Virginia. Looking for a senior level equipment sales person to sell genomics-oriented equipment. This company is the number one company in their niche. In both cases, territories are small. Pretty much nothing but day trips.

She and I are are to reconnect after the sales meeting this week, so I will get more information then, but I know the company well enough to know that most people would give their eye teeth to work for them.

If you are interested, please contact Bill Beattie at 413-788-2291 or email me at

Please reference Job # 09-105 for the Virginia position and 09-106 for the Baltimore one.

I’m so darned happy!

12 Jan 09 | Filed in Hot Jobs! with 0 Comments

Living in New England in the winter, you’d think I’d be depressed and suffering from cabin fever. But January is the time of year many of my bigger and better client companies call me with their needs for the upcoming fiscal year. Following are some openings that I was given by one company this afternoon. Recession? What recession?

This particular company makes equipment and consumables that they sell to pharma, biotech and academic accounts. The equipment is used in drug discovery. Moderate to high priced equipment, starting at 50 or 60K in price and going well up from there. It is more proteomics oriented than genomics. They are looking for high energy, successful sales reps with a verifible track record of success. This is one of my more picky customers–I love them, but they do drive me crazy sometimes. They really do expect people’s track records to be verifible, so job hoppers and wannabe’s won’t work out. But in return, their average sales rep is approaching 200K and their top dog is in the 400-500K range per year.

If you are a top performer, can prove it, and are not afraid of making big money, call me ASAP! All positions are due to growth.

Jobs and time frames are as follows:

Boston area–Technically in Q3, but they can move much earlier for the right person.

New Jersey-Can hire immediately

San Diego area–Immediate need

Bay area–End of Q3


South America and Mexico–Immediate opening

Please feel free to call me at 413-788-2291 or email at

Reference Job opportunity 09-104.

ECI Biotech Recruiters now looking for Sales Rep to cover New York City, Long Island and Upstate New York.

08 Jan 09 | Filed in Hot Jobs! with 0 Comments

We just received information about a company looking for a Sales Rep to sell equipment to pharma, biotech, academic and government accounts. The territory includes Upstate New York, New York City and Long Island. It does not include Connecticut–the manager already has somebody covering that region.

Please reference Job Number 09-103.

For more information, call Bill Beattie at 413-788-2291 or email to

ECI Biotech Recruiters looking for Sales Rep in Texas

07 Jan 09 | Filed in Hot Jobs! with 0 Comments
Person will be selling big ticket scientific capital equipment to pharma, biotech, government and academic accounts. Ideally the person should live somewhere in the Dallas area. Some flexibility on territory. Will cover either Northern or Western Texas and Oklahoma. Well-established company and leader in their field.

Please reference Job Number 09-102

Call Bill Beattie at 413-788-2291 or email to

ECI Biotech Recruiters is looking for a chemist in Northern New Jersey

27 Dec 08 | Filed in Hot Jobs!, Miscellaneous with 0 Comments

Must have Three or more years experience. Knowledge of drug metabolism. Prepare samples, good skills in LC/MS and other analytical techniques in a GLP environment. Knowledge of Sciex and Thermo LC/MS helpful, as is Watson LIMS.

Please refer to Job # 08-757.

ECI Biotech Recruiters is looking for a PhD level Cell Biologist

17 Dec 08 | Filed in Hot Jobs! with 0 Comments

ECI is looking for a PhD level Cell Biologist living in Southern California. The person should be expert in electrophysiology and Molecular Cardiology.

You can call us at 413-788-2291 or email at Please Reference Job 08-756.

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